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Live chat replay After a live stream has ended, Live chat replay is available on all stream archives. Live chat replay is enabled by default on all of your live streams. Hold potentially inappropriate live chat messages for review You can have YouTube hold potentially inappropriate live chat messages. If you choose to opt in, live chat messages that our system identifies will be held for review in the chat feed. You have the final decision whether to show or hide these chat messages. No system is perfect, but this feature can make it easier for you to moderate live chat messages on your live stream.

Moderate Live chat You can assign moderators for all live chat sessions. Click the three dots Set up one list of moderators for your channel. Live chats matching these words will be blocked. Go to the viewer's YouTube channel. Unhide a viewer from live chat To remove hide status: Embed Live chat During a live stream, you can embed live chat on your own side by using an iframe. Get the video ID for the live stream. Get the domain URL for the site you want to embed chat on. If you're embedding chat on www. Learn more about hellomybot. Platform that helps companies engage their users, via instant messaging for customer service and conversational commerce.

Learn more about Helloumi. AI chatbots and widgets that help businesses connect with customers in a more meaningful way. Voice and chat bots for website and social Learn more about HeyMojo. Live chat software with automation options so you do not need to have staff available. Learn more about Joleado Live Chat Software. Live chat with your website visitors from Slack and Telegram.

Learn more about LinkedChat. Track your website visitors in real time, Invite them for chat online. Learn more about Live Chat Software. E-commerce live chat designed to simplify customer communication providing real-time consultation, instant support, and analytics. Learn more about NGChat. ECommerce oriented online chat solution with numerous chat features, visitor tracking, analytics, team management, and more.

Learn more about Nice. Multi-operator live chat support tool. The tool enables you to instantly communicate with potential customers visiting your website. Learn more about OnetoOnetext. Ongair enables businesses to perform great customer care on WhatsApp, WeChat and other popular Instant Messaging platforms. Learn more about Ongair. Low cost web-based chat solution that offers customizable chat windows and dashboards statistics. Learn more about OnlineChatCenters. A group chat service for your business's website.

Provide your visitors with text, video, and audio content. Learn more about RumbleTalk. An easy to use Slack integration for chatting with visitors to your site. Learn more about Smallchat. Smooch is the complete messaging platform for enterprise software makers. Learn more about Smooch Enterprise. The fastest way to help your customers through an intuitive to use live chat that can be placed directly on your website. Learn more about SocialBoost Live Chat. A live chat solution that can be integrated and customized to fit with your website, featuring real-time interaction with visitors.

Learn more about Truechat. Web based solution for Live Chat and Sales Enablement. Learn more about VisitLead. Whisbi is a global provider of a mobile-first conversational commerce platform designed to combine live video, chat, voice and chatbot Learn more about Whisbi. An all-in-one solution for live web statistics, visitor chat, proactive visitor engaging, prospect detection, web analytics and more. Learn more about WhosOn. An online platform that helps digital marketing agencies and professional easily create chatbots for Facebook Messenger. Learn more about ChatbotsBuilder. Solution that lets business manage customer service and support through Instant Messagers.

Learn more about Chatkoo. Modern customer communication software for real-time, proactive and personalized support for growing businesses. Learn more about Kommunicate. Live chat widget which can be used to engage customers even after they leave the site through Facebook Messenger. Learn more about Messengerify. Stryng is a web-based messaging tool that helps organizations to communicate with clients, share documents, and collaborate on tasks.

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Learn more about Stryng. An online, real-time sales management platform. It enables sales professionals to be available for immediate, web-based sales. Learn more about Engage. Real-time live chat and live site monitoring application that is a true, server-based solution. Learn more about SightMax Chat. Grow your business by gaining customer loyalty with a world class customer contact center software Learn more about Ameyo Engage. Engage your customers and clients online by adding video, voice, and text chatting capabilities for your website.

Learn more about Apizee Contact. Live chat software proactively engages customers. Learn more about Astute SOS. Learn more about BigAnt. A live chat solution with keyword designation, multiple chat history, multiple device integration, automatic replies, and more. Learn more about BigRadar.

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Smart multi-channel communication platform enabling businesses to communicate with customers via chat, call, IM, or text. Learn more about Bontact. Enterprise productivity solution that uses chat as an interface to automate business processes and workflows. Learn more about Botbot.

Learn more about bubbleFiz. Live chat solution with offline message management, customization, archives, and internal chat for customer support. Learn more about CareCall. Marketing automation that turns visitors into customers with eCRM and a full range of marketing instruments Learn more about Carrrot. Chat for Service Desk allows you to streamline contact between your site visitors and your service desk team working with Jira. Learn more about Chat for Jira Service Desk. Learn more about Chatlio.

See who's on your website, send targeted proactive messages and chat with website visitors. Convert web visitors to happy customers. Learn more about Chatnox Live Chat.

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Automate sales and service with artificially intelligent chat. Improve close rates and customer experience with the help of AI chat. Learn more about ChatrHub.

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See how Podium is making it easier for your customers and how Webchat can work for . Best live chat app combined with chat platform for online businesses. 2 days ago Leaders may disable Public Chatrooms or Chats altogether for their specific you can transfer ownership by clicking the People icon in the top right corner. You'll also see a list of your Favorite Members so that you can start a I accidentally kicked my friend out of a group chat, how can I get them back?.

Learn more about Chattalooga Live Help. Live omni-channel customer service chat solution that enables you to instantly resolve queries on web, social and mobile. Learn more about Clickatell Touch. Allows organizations to consolidate thier email and calendaring, instant messaging, VoIP, and web conferencing. Learn more about CommuniGate Pro.

Contus Fly is a real-time Chat app solution to help enterprises and other industries to enhance the communication network. Learn more about Contus Fly. Cosurfing helps you guide customers through your website in easy way by using chat, audio, video and co-browse. Learn more about Cosurfing. CroplaChat is buyer-seller chat SDK for any marketplace website. It allows buyer and seller to chat, share files, images, and videos.

Live chat solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs that works on smartphones, android and ios devices Learn more about cSupport. Live Chat by CustomerICare is a free software allowing online businesses to text, audio and video chat with website visitors. Learn more about CustomerIcare Live Chat. A messaging app powered by machine learning to help you convert more prospects into customers.

Learn more about Deepchat. Learn more about Delivered. Learn more about eGain Superchat. Provides a complete suite for for design, development, and management of conversational AI chatbots. Learn more about Flow. Turn Google Forms into conversational AI chat bots, and easily embed them on your website. Learn more about Fobi. Live chat software for customer support, lead generation, and customer engagement. Learn more about GetInChat. Live Chat with team-management, proactive messages, shopping cart integration. Real-time analytics to target only the right visitors.

Learn more about Giosg Live Chat. Target, engage, chat with your visitors in real time, and provide help to create real relationships with your customers. Learn more about HeyBubble Live Chat. A simple, end-to-end customer communication platform that ensures your brand is delivering on its promise.

Learn more about Howazit. A business to Customer messenger platform. Any business can invite their clients and chat anytime on this messaging platform. Learn more about Hublocal. Tools that allow chatbots to be developed in minutes and deployed on the messaging channels that customers already use. Learn more about Hubtype. A cloud-based provider of In-App Chat for mobile apps and websites.

Learn more about Hyphenate In-App Chat. An automated information assistant system which provides all in one solution for marketing automation, customer service, live chat etc. Learn more about Inforobo. Engage your Facebook community easily with automated content Learn more about ItsAlive. Video chat widget that helps to connect your website to your visitors through monitoring and interaction with customers. Learn more about IVCbox. Learn more about IVRWherever. A mobile-friendly live chat solution that allows you to connect with consumers and business contacts.

Learn more about Klets. Kore is an enterprise software provider of an all-in-one chatbot platform as-a-service and secure messaging platform. Learn more about Kore. Learn more about Live Help Messenger. Live chat software for business sites. Real-time monitoring of visitors to your site. Learn more about Live Support Software. Efficient customer support assistant, serve millions of clients for 13 years. Learn more about Live This online communication channel offers users the ability to receive and send messages to your company in real time.

Learn more about Livechat. Free live support chat software with multiple agents support, proactive chats, statistics tools, offline and auto messaging, no popups. Learn more about LiveSupporti. A complete messenger that helps increase user retention and growth by letting your users talk to each other right in your SaaS app. Learn more about Maqpie. Mediktor is a live chat software that allows users to connect with healthcare professionals and seek expert consultation Learn more about Mediktor.

Unified messaging platform for business to enhance engagement with customers.

Learn more about MessageUs. We help you generate more mobile leads from existing traffic with live chat and our RealCapture technology. Learn more about MobiChat. Live chat solution with fully customizable widgets, powerful engagement system and flexible integration engine CRM, Helpdesk, Learn more about Netrox SC. A communication solution for businesses for team communication, customer care chat or live group discussions. Learn more about Ninchat. Omnichannel Contact Center makes it possible to organize contacts according to the different channels and viewed on a single interface.

Learn more about Omnichannel Contact Center. Mac application that allows you to send messages on multiple services, and schedule messages to be sent. Learn more about One Chat. Mobile live chat solution that supports SMS and text messaging chats.

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Phone used to be a must-have support tool. Live chat software and messaging tools for your website. With all its options for tracking and monitoring, SmartSupp lacks some of the common features one might expect from a more robust live chat solution including the ability for prospects to have the agent call them directly or browse alongside them. Learn more about OnetoOnetext Multi-operator live chat support tool. Deleted pumped entries were not properly getting deleted from the synced devices. Learn more about Intercom A fundamentally new way to communicate with your customers. The decision about choosing the right application that impacts the results, and consequently, the future of the business.

Can be easily embedded on your website. Learn more about Online Live Chat. Live chat with proactive initiation capabilities, canned responses and special control features. Learn more about P3chat. Provide real-time customer support and visitor communication directly on your site. Fast, free and always online live chat bot for your website that routes all messages through Telegram. Learn more about Re: Customer service software that combines the accessibility of live chat support, with the indexing capabilities of a knowlegebase.

Learn more about ResponseQue. Creative live chat allows you to quickly show products that a user has asked for in real-time. Learn more about Revo. Productivity tool designed to help landlords, property managers, and tenants better manage their day-to-day communication. Learn more about SevenBee Technologies.

Skychat is an airport Chatbot that assists travellers through a messenger interface and provides customer service effectively. Learn more about SkyChat.

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A chat history manager for Skype that stores and manages conversations regardless of the Skype client settings. Learn more about SkyHistory. Smart multi-channel unified messaging platform to engage customers with Live chat on web, mobile and messaging apps from one place. Learn more about Snapsolv. Learn more about STAY. Learn more about Talkative.

Learn more about TalkJS. Helps non-techies to build and deploy chatbots without having to write single line of code. Learn more about Tars. Eliminate barriers and connect your accounts with Text Learn more about Text Live chat platform that salespeople use with their customers where they enter the chat in one click, which provides zero friction. Learn more about Thread.

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Interactive chat response software with real-time traffic and chat monitoring, chats recording, and unanswered questions saving. Learn more about ValueChat. A live chat bot to integrate with your website and communicate with your users. Learn more about Venew. Messenger-based ordering chatbot for your restaurant that allows you to communicate with your customer through Facebook messenger.

Learn more about WaitronBot. Live chat software that lets a business create a click to call link with audio call and video chat on-website and off-website. Learn more about WherEver Chat. Xenioo is a professional chatbot platform for your business: Learn more about Xenioo. Unified business messaging through website chat, SMS, Facebook messenger, etc. Learn more about Yappy. Super-intelligent live chat software to improve website conversions. Learn more about Zestim. Live Chat software helps organizations connect with their customers in real time.

Live Chat applications can be used for customer support, lead generation, and customer engagement. Compare product reviews and features to build your list.

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Learn about sort options. You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare. Slack by Slack reviews. Learn more about Slack Slack brings all your communication together in one place. LiveChat by LiveChat Software reviews. LiveAgent by QualityUnit reviews.

Learn more about LiveAgent LiveAgent helps businesses thrive in customer service. HelpCrunch by HelpCrunch 13 reviews. Freshchat by Freshworks 24 reviews. Learn more about Freshchat Freshchat is a modern messaging software built for customer engagement teams to talk to prospects and customers across channels. Userlike Live Chat by Userlike reviews. Learn more about Userlike Live Chat Live chat for web, mobile, and messenger support.

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