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For example, you can query all paired devices and get the name and MAC address of each device, as the following code snippet demonstrates:. To initiate a connection with a Bluetooth device, all that's needed from the associated BluetoothDevice object is the MAC address, which you retrieve by calling getAddress.

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You can learn more about creating a connection in the section about Connecting Devices. Performing device discovery consumes a lot of the Bluetooth adapter's resources. After you have found a device to connect to, be certain that you stop discovery with cancelDiscovery before attempting a connection. Also, you shouldn't perform discovery while connected to a device because the discovery process significantly reduces the bandwidth available for any existing connections. To start discovering devices, simply call startDiscovery.

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The process is asynchronous and returns a boolean value indicating whether discovery has successfully started. The discovery process usually involves an inquiry scan of about 12 seconds, followed by a page scan of each device found to retrieve its Bluetooth name. The system broadcasts this intent for each device. The following code snippet shows how you can register to handle the broadcast when devices are discovered:. This issues a request to enable the system's discoverable mode without having to navigate to the Settings app, which would stop your own app.

By default, the device becomes discoverable for seconds, or 2 minutes. This configuration is insecure and therefore highly discouraged. A dialog is displayed, requesting the user's permission to make the device discoverable, as shown in Figure 2. If the user responds "Yes," then the device becomes discoverable for the specified amount of time. Your activity then receives a call to the onActivityResult callback, with the result code equal to the duration that the device is discoverable.

If Bluetooth has not been enabled on the device, then making the device discoverable automatically enables Bluetooth. The device silently remains in discoverable mode for the allotted time. Possible values for each extra are as follows:. If you are initiating the connection to a remote device, you don't need to enable device discoverability. Enabling discoverability is only necessary when you want your application to host a server socket that accepts incoming connections, as remote devices must be able to discover other devices before initiating connections to those other devices.

In order to create a connection between two devices, you must implement both the server-side and client-side mechanisms because one device must open a server socket, and the other one must initiate the connection using the server device's MAC address. The server device and the client device each obtain the required BluetoothSocket in different ways. The server receives socket information when an incoming connection is accepted.

At this point, each device can obtain input and output streams, and data transfer can begin, which is discussed in the section about Manage a connection. This section describes how to initiate the connection between two devices. One implementation technique is to automatically prepare each device as a server so that each device has a server socket open and listening for connections.

In this case, either device can initiate a connection with the other and become the client. Alternatively, one device can explicitly host the connection and open a server socket on demand, and the other device initiates the connection.

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If the two devices have not been previously paired, then the Android framework automatically shows a pairing request notification or dialog to the user during the connection procedure, as shown in Figure 3. Therefore, when your application attempts to connect devices, it doesn't need to be concerned about whether or not the devices are paired. Your RFCOMM connection attempt gets blocked until the user has successfully paired the two devices, and the attempt fails if the user rejects pairing, or if the pairing process fails or times out.

When you want to connect two devices, one must act as a server by holding an open BluetoothServerSocket. The purpose of the server socket is to listen for incoming connection requests and provide a connected BluetoothSocket after a request is accepted. When the BluetoothSocket is acquired from the BluetoothServerSocket , the BluetoothServerSocket can—and should—be discarded, unless you want the device to accept more connections.

In this case, it's used to uniquely identify your application's Bluetooth service. The string is an identifiable name of your service, which the system automatically writes to a new Service Discovery Protocol SDP database entry on the device.

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When read byte[] returns with data from the stream, the data is sent to the main activity using a member Handler from the parent class. When you're done with your BluetoothSocket , always call close. Comprehensive reviews from professionals here at CellSpyApps. Real Time ambient listening is available on Spyera only. Monitor up to three devices.

The name is arbitrary and can simply be your application name. That is, when the client attempts to connect with this device, it carries a UUID that uniquely identifies the service with which it wants to connect. These UUIDs must match in order for the connection to be accepted. This is a blocking call. It returns when either a connection has been accepted or an exception has occurred.

A connection is accepted only when a remote device has sent a connection request containing a UUID that matches the one registered with this listening server socket. When successful, accept returns a connected BluetoothSocket. This method call releases the server socket and all its resources, but doesn't close the connected BluetoothSocket that's been returned by accept.

Because the accept call is a blocking call, it should not be executed in the main activity UI thread so that your application can still respond to other user interactions.

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It usually makes sense to do all work that involves a BluetoothServerSocket or BluetoothSocket in a new thread managed by your application. To abort a blocked call such as accept , call close on the BluetoothServerSocket or BluetoothSocket from another thread. In this example, only one incoming connection is desired, so as soon as a connection is accepted and the BluetoothSocket is acquired, the app passes the acquired BluetoothSocket to a separate thread, closes the BluetoothServerSocket , and breaks out of the loop.

Note that when accept returns the BluetoothSocket , the socket is already connected. Therefore, you shouldn't call connect , as you do from the client side. The app-specific manageMyConnectedSocket method is designed to initiate the thread for transferring data, which is discussed in the section about Manage a Connection.

Usually, you should close your BluetoothServerSocket as soon as you are done listening for incoming connections. In this example, close is called as soon as the BluetoothSocket is acquired. You may also want to provide a public method in your thread that can close the private BluetoothSocket in the event that you need to stop listening on that server socket.

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In order to initiate a connection with a remote device that is accepting connections on an open server socket, you must first obtain a BluetoothDevice object that represents the remote device. To learn how to create a BluetoothDevice , see Finding Devices. You must then use the BluetoothDevice to acquire a BluetoothSocket and initiate the connection. This method initializes a BluetoothSocket object that allows the client to connect to a BluetoothDevice.

If the lookup is successful and the remote device accepts the connection, it shares the RFCOMM channel to use during the connection, and the connect method returns. If the connection fails, or if the connect method times out after about 12 seconds , then the method throws an IOException.

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Because connect is a blocking call, you should always perform this connection procedure in a thread that is separate from the main activity UI thread. You should always call cancelDiscovery to ensure that the device isn't performing device discovery before you call connect. If discovery is in progress, then the connection attempt is significantly slowed, and it's more likely to fail.

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